A Weekend, Finally…

My friend, Jennifer Draper Carson, suggested that we go to Gunther Toody’s with our kids for a some kind of a fund raiser Friday night.  Ok, let’s be honest, I never have time to clip my toenails, much less go to a restaurant (that looks like a Fifties throwback – you know the kind) for a cause (which always causes me great waves, of guilt among other things)  So, I say, “Sounds great!”  and I did not “reschedule,” I actually went to meet Jennifer, her husband, Wade, and Henry, their 4-year-old son.  It was wonderful.  Theo had a hard time sharing his trucks with gorgeous Henry, but in the end, he shared his grilled cheese and all was well.

Theo and Henry ran around the restaurant like the heathens we all wish we could still be – dropping trucks on nearby diners, stopping at strangers’ tables and looking at what they ordered with intense scrutiny.  Asking for drinks of chocolate shakes, and screaming (yes, Walgren-style screaming) at the top of their lungs.  I found myself wanting to wrangle Theo in, to restrain his enthusiasm for cruising the scene, lets say.  But then a part of me broke loose, thanks, probably, to Jennifer and Wade being so frigging chill, as always, and I just let him tear through the joint, laughing and screaming all the while.  I found myself wishing I could run circles around this place, screaming and stopping at people’s tables and babbling sentences that only a 2-year-old can make up.  Geez – when do we lose that ability?  Does it magically disappear when we turn 13?  Or is it a slower process.  Problem is, I cannot remember.  But I CAN experience that freedom once again through Theo.

And it is so interesting to juxtapose Theo’s wild, free, abandon with Hans’ 13-year-old restraint that just kicked in.  It is fascinating to have children of both ages together in our home.  And what is the most wonderful, is to see how much Theo idolizes his big brother and to experience Hans’ sweetness towards his little brother.  I wish I had been 11 years older then my sister.  I probably would have been much nicer to her then being only 2 years older and hating the fact that all of the attention left me and went to her when she was born.   HAPPY WORLD PEACE DAY!  And Beth, I love you.


1 Response to “A Weekend, Finally…”

  1. 1 Kay Adams September 21, 2008 at 10:37 pm

    Oh Judy.

    Judy, Judy, Judy.

    I thought it was worth signing up for that godforsaken timesucker called facebook because I found my old friend Johnny and that you were a bonus but now that I read your blog…..SHEESH!

    How old is Theo exactly (you know, we can still count in months)? Oliver turns 2 on Oct. 6 and judging by the tub pic, Theo is big for his age, too, yes?

    And your dad? Double-sheesh. My uncle just passed and my favorite cousin went through all the before-, during-, and aftermath. I told Daddy I wanted him to go like my favorite graffiti: I want to die like my grandfather – quietly in his sleep….not screaming in terror like the rest of the people in the car.

    Gosh, I hope he follows my orders.

    And on a lighter note, I’m assuming you’re all digital now, what kind of camera do you have? I want an SLR (why does that not sound right? That’s what they’re called, right?) but damn they ain’t cheap, any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    I think I gave you my flickr site, but just in case: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kayandtommy The blog in my info is rarely touched. I really enjoy writing but I tend to blog about depressing stuff and I started worrying people.

    Well, it’s way late and I have to work tomorrow (part-time at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage) so I better shower and sleep.

    Much love,

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