Back in Denver and Loving IT!!!

It was so hard to leave my dad today and it was so hard to leave my mom today – for separate reasons.  My father is slipping away and I hate being so far away from him.  He has been such an inspiration to me and has pushed me to be the best I can be.  I hate leaving my mother behind in such a depressing situation.  She has so much more to live and to give.  Worrying about my father is drowning her.  My mother is also such an inspiration because she stayed home with her three children until we were in college – and then went back to the work that she had started before I was born, as a recruiter or headhunter as others say, and started raking in the dough right and left.  She started her own business at 60 and was just hired by the Pye Legal Group – – at 72 (check that out!!!) to be a lead recruiter in Dallas.  I am so proud of her and feel so bad for her at the same time.  I want her to soar like I know she can, but coming home to such a depressing situation sucks the energy from her.  I do not know what more I can do then to come home with Theo as often as possible to give them both a shot in the arm that only a toddler can do – especially Theo.  He is an angel (with them…)

My little boy decided that he was in charge at Love Field Airport today and it was not easy.  I am weary from the last week, could not sleep last night and just wanted to chill with the incredible New York Times Sunday paper today – it was amazing.  But he wanted to be the shoe shine guy and the shoe shine guy was not amused 🙂

Then on the plane, he was WIRED.  A WIRED two year old is hell, by the way.  He actually whopped me in the head for the first time and I, for the first time, understood why parents spank their children.  Scary.  But I was on a plane with a ton of people watching because Theo was SCREAMING – so no spanking – and I am glad for that.  We have had it totally easy with this baby from day one so I will brace myself for what might ensue, understanding that we had a baby that did not have colic and who slept all night pretty much from 3 months on.  Just know all you parents that we all pay in some form sometime!

When I told Theo that we were going to see his Daddy, he screamed.  I was getting a kiss during the reunion.  Thus, the conflict.  Camera to your face does not allow for kissy kissy…


2 Responses to “Back in Denver and Loving IT!!!”

  1. 1 Carolyn Ann September 14, 2008 at 10:48 pm

    Once again, I am blown away by your photos and words. You completely immerse your audience and paint the picture so vividly and candidly. Sorry your flight home was so eventful. But maybe that seems to happen to all of us so that the reunion with the parent who was left behind is that much more anticipated. It always makes me appreciate, even more, single parents. I know Peter enjoyed the hand-off, no matter how wild and crazy, because missing Theo is worse than any tantrum, fit, storm or video-induced rage! 🙂

  2. 2 Francesca September 16, 2008 at 3:05 am

    Wow. juju, your blog is wonderful. Keep on writing and sharing. What a way to keep all of us who love you close. I was thinking this blog IS a way of letting out your creativity and inspire you to go back to a more personal kind of photography. By the way I saw yr pixes from the Denver convention: I think by now -having known your work for 15 years – I’d be able to spot a Walgren photo from a mile: it’s always quirky and ironic, it always shows something unexpected in the background. Yr texan humour is unsuppressable….

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