Hurricane Theo

This afternoon, I went up to my childhood room where Theo and I have been staying to get a book. I looked over at the bookshelf next to the bed and noticed that my Madam Alexander dolls were strewn about like Hurricane Ike had stopped by on its way past Texas.  Theo had taken all of the dolls and ripped them apart.  They were held together by decades old rubber bands that were no match for a determined two-year-old.  For a brief moment, my heart broke.  I had collected those dolls as a child, my sister and I fought over those dolls for years, and I have always looked for them every time I have come home for a visit.  I would look at each doll – the Bride doll, the Indian doll, the Mexican doll, the Swiss doll, etc…  and a memory would pop into my mind.  Now, they were in pieces on the shelves, the last one standing was the torso of the Bride, because she was on a stand.  Theo was extremely proud of his dissections and looked up at me with a smile.  I smiled back.

 Then he crawled up onto the bed and took a long nap.

I finally gave him a bath when he woke up…  during which he serenaded me with a new song he learned from his thousands of hours in front of the TV at Mimi and Poppy’s house.  I supposed I should break down and buy a TV for the guys, but the thought of having an “idiot box” is not working for me.  Listening to impending doom (this 24 hour news cycle has been Hurricane Ike AND the train crash in LA) non-stop puts me on edge.  I don’t know how people can ingest all of that anxiety inducing blah blah blah all day and all night.  It is quite depressing.  Going home tomorrow and I am sure that Theo is going to behave like he is coming off of heroin after watching every Disney movie known to humankind at his fingertips.  Will have Miss Spider DVDs ready to go in Denver.   Oh, and another thing MEDIA – a crowd of 10,000 is NOT THE SAME as a crowd of 71,000.  



3 Responses to “Hurricane Theo”

  1. 1 peter September 14, 2008 at 2:03 am

    Beautiful word. I was laughing out loud as you described Theo smiling when you walked in the room. Hurricane Theo, how apropos. Heart is missing an R in heart broke. No biggie.

    Looking forward to seeing you my love.

    xo P

  2. 2 peter September 14, 2008 at 2:04 am

    Hah. Mind my own damn typos. I can’t get the plural of word correct.

    xo P

  3. 3 M.E. September 14, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    A future girlfriend is going to pay top dollar for this photograph of her bath boy. Make extra prints now, number them, then burn the electronic negatives.

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